A buyer's first impressions of a vehicle can make or break the sale.

We want to work with you to make sure your cars always look fresh and smell their best, to be sales ready.

We offer several services to our dealerships:

  • Dry Clean and Vacuum All Passenger Areas
  • Repair Carpet Burns and Tears
  • Restore Color to Stained and Faded Carpet
  • Install New Heel Pads as Needed
  • Deodorize Smoked-In Vehicles
  • Install Plastic Liner on Driver and Front Passenger Carpet
  • Install Customized Logo Floor Mat(s)

We will also inspect your inventory weekly when we are on your lot, and restore any previously serviced vehicles. 

We offer 3 different packages:


Professionally applied plastic



1 custom printed mat- driver side



2 custom printed mats on driver-passenger side